ISL’s Corporate Social Responsibility Day 2014

ISL staff spent the public holiday of March 19th, as well as the evening before, to give back to the community. In the spirit of Corporate Social Responsibility Day in Malta, the management and staff worked hand in hand to give the Ursuline Sisters Convent and Kindergarten school in Tal Virtu a facelift.

Much needed structural repairs were provided to the common room area at Convent including plastering & white washing. Special thanks goes to Patrick Agius, Jason Bonello, Lorna Pace & Emanuel Haber who coordinated the event. We must also thank the sponsors MacMed for providing paint at a discount, Mr Paul Pace for helping out in procuring various items, ISL Management for financially sponsoring the event and Eyetech Ltd Management for providing the scaffolding.

ISL is proud of staff members Patrick Agius, Jason Bonello, Lorna Pace, Chris Calleja-Urry, Mike Ellul, Claude Carbonaro, Eamon Falzon, Emanuel Haber, Victor Catania and Andrew Aquilina who gave their time willingly to this noble cause and pitched in whole-heartedly to make this activity a success.

The joy on the face of the sisters was thanks enough for everyone!

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