ISL receives ISO 9001:2008 Certification

ISL is proud to announce that we have been awarded the ISO-9001:2008 Certification, effective 20th December 2013. The certification was granted by the European Certification Institute.
With a diverse range of products and services aimed at providing bespoke business solutions in the Maltese market and in the MENA region, Information Systems Ltd. have grown systematically over the last 19 years to become a leading IT solutions provider.
This certification demonstrates ISL’s commitment to quality control in the ’’Supply, commissioning and development of software solutions and related services’’.
The directors at ISL say that ‘long established quality control processes and an ethos of service to the client helped us to build our formal ISO program.’
The ISO-9001 is a set of international standard and guidance documents designed for quality management and quality assurance. Good management practices and policies, with a focus on customers are represented in the standard which is internationally recognized.
Tuning Fork were ISL’s consultants during the implementation process.

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