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ISL brings you the ISL SkillPort Learning Management System from SkillSoft, global leaders in web-based Training, targeting key competencies in the areas of IT skills, Desktop skills, soft Business skills and Global Banking and Financial Services.

helping your organization achieve its goals, by helping learners achieve theirs

Today’s diverse, multi-generational workforce needs access to learning 24/7. They expect information to be delivered when and where they want it, in a form that’s customized to their needs. They want opportunities to master critical skills and grow in their careers. And they expect to be part of the discussion, adding their expertise on key issues. Supporting all of these needs can seem like an impossible task.

That’s why thousands of organisations rely on SkillSoft‘s elearning solutions to provide a constant flow of rich and varied learning resources that support a multitude of job roles, learning styles and business imperatives.

With our steady stream of learning content and technology, we help organizations achieve the highest possible performance with the people they have today.

“Intelligent, adaptable enterprises require intelligent, adaptable learning solutions.”

What we provide

Our Learning Management System, ISL Skillport from SkillSoft offers a vast repertoire of assets which include videos, slideshows, simulations, TestPreps, Mentoring with global experts, as well as Practice Labs and live events such as webinars.

Hosted on the cloud, this web-based platform needs no local installations on your PC, bringing with it efficiency, speed of skills-transfer as a well as a reduction in costs of training.

ISL Skillport provides you access to published and proven resources from reputable publishers and authors via the Books24x7 platform, where productivity and trust are but a click away. Subscribers receive complete access to the unabridged contents of thousands of books, documents and more, in a fully searchable Web-based environment.

Our online Mentoring Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, to provide support to learners following popular certification courses.

Our Leadership Development Channel consists of bite-sized video clips, featuring stories from top CEO’s around the globe, that can easily be incorporated into your own in-house HR development programs.

We know how busy C-Suite employees are – in fact, we have a set of 2-hour learning tracks known as the Skillsoft Leadership Advantage series, using multiple modes of instruction such as videos, texts and interactive practice activities aimed at CEO’s and high potential employees. Knowledge Centers are targeted learning portals which use a variety of learning resources to bring you a rich and focused learning experience in the chosen area. Please do Contact Us if you would like the latest list of KC’s available.

Courseware Collections

  • IT skills Collection: Cisco CCNA and CCNP, Oracle, Linux, .Net courses, MS SQL server, VMware and many more.
  • Business soft skills Collection: Project Management, Prince2, PMI, Six Sigma, Negotiations, Customer Loyalty, Selling skills  and many more.
  • Desktop skills Collection: Lotus Notes, Advanced Word, Power User Excel, Powerpoint, Windows 8 and many more
  • Global Banking and Financial Services Collection: – Bank Branch Management: Branch Security and Fraud , Anti-money Laundering and Global Initiatives, Risk Analysis for Specialized Loans and many more

These collections include Pre- and Post-Course Assessments and the certification courses offer rich interactions with Mentors via chat and email. Please Contact Us if you need our latest Course Catalog or Certification Matrix.

Books 24×7 Collections

On-demand learning with access to titles from most reputable publishers and authors in the industry.Subscribers receive complete access to the unabridged contents of thousands of books, documents and more in fully searchable Web-based environment.

  • Business Pro
  • IT Pro
  • Finance Pro
  • Engineering Pro 
  • ITIL Collection
  • ExecBluePrints Collection
  • ExecSummaries Collection
  • Office Essentials
  • Leadership Channel
  • Desktop video collection
  • IT Video Collection

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