Sales Force Automation 2015 In Review

For Sales organisations, Importers and Distributors that aim to remain competitive in a dynamic and competitive environment, Sales Force Automation (SFA) is the way forward.

Companies are seeking increased efficiencies that help the bottom line and improve their business image and customer service, without a significant investment in software and resources. The SFA revolution allows for these efficiencies with easy to implement, simple to maintain and inexpensive to run interfaces.

According to IT research and advisory firm, Gartner, SFA uptake in North America will continue to grow as SFA’s Return on Investment benefits and the capabilities of the latest mobile device technologies become increasingly visible.

SFA is changing the sales game and streamlining sales processes successfully for companies worldwide. SFA solutions eliminate IT hassle and give your sales team access to real-time mobile solutions that bring the power of big data directly into the field. And many are so simple to implement that you’ll have them up and running within a day and your salespeople back out in the field doing what they do best — selling.

Mobile SFA gives high performance salespeople real-time access to the sales information they need for customer calls. IPads and mobile tablet devices equipped with SFA have become an essential tool to efficiently close the deal in the field.

Streamlining the steps in the sales process, an SFA solution enables your sales people to spend less time on administration and more selling and engaging with prospects and customers. It handles sales process like, pricing, order processing, tracking orders, monitoring inventory and the actual sale.

Eyesel Sales Force Automation

The EYESEL Business Suite Sales Force Automation solution encompasses an array of tools required for a sales representative to be mobile and equipped with all client and product related details that ease and speed the sales process while helping in quick decision making at the point of negotiating, pre-selling as well as collecting money.

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