Job Description

Information Systems Limited (ISL) is seeking to recruit a Quality Assurance & Platform/Application Tester on behalf of QWK insights Limited (Qi).

QI develop business applications using cutting edge technologies for a diverse portfolio of customers. 

ISL was founded in 1994 and committed to deliver the highest level of value to customers and providing a dynamic and challenging environment for all its employees. The group now employs over 65 professionals, services over 600 customers both locally and overseas and is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Job Purpose

As a Quality Assurance & Platform/Application Tester you will form part of a young and dynamic technical team using innovative technologies. You will ensure that the final product observes the company’s quality standards and you must be able to take the ultimate call on a system’s ability to go live. You are expected to provide the business with competitively advantageous strategic inputs from a testing perspective.


A first degree or equivalent in software development.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • As a tester you will need to adapt to different testing approaches depending upon the context of the projects. You need to be flexible and possess experience and sufficient knowledge in several approaches of testing by testing in the right and most efficient way.
  • Knowledge of Testing Techniques is key since there are several testing techniques out there.

You should not only be aware of different testing techniques, but also must have worked on at least some of these testing techniques. Knowledge of structured testing is also required.

  • Knowledge of Programming Skills is necessary, and you must possess a reasonable amount of programming skills since knowledge of coding and related concepts can help you understand the kind of bugs that can be injected during programming as well as the places/instances where the presence of bugs is higher.
  • Understanding of Business Needs and Line of Business must be the ultimate goal of the system being built from the business end.
  • You will also be expected to assist and provide 1st level support.

As a tester, you must know and understand the bigger picture since this can help analyze the system’s strengths and weaknesses and go beyond the mere testing duty.

Direct Report

You will report primarily to the Director in charge of the department and/or the person designated by the director to lead the team and/or project.


  • With other team members when part of a project team.
  • With superiors to report on progress and status of work and to escalate problematic situations.
  • With specific client users, according to the nature and type of issue.
  • Escalate all issues which hinder one’s work to the director/superior for resolution.

Other Requirements

  • Impeccable strong verbal and written communication skills that come in handy when collaborating with other programmers, test managers and customers.
  • You must also be a good team player, possess skills to get across your point to the other party without difficulty and knowing how to put across a defect.
  • You must know how to Prioritize the test cases and features that are to be tested.  You will be expected to interpret, organize, and prioritize your activities such that the testing goals are achieved without compromising the quality.
  • Keep abreast of developments since as with any IT field, testing is an area that keeps evolving every day. Since new technologies, tools and concepts are introduced to benefit the testers and end users.
  • A great software tester must keep himself updated with the latest technologies and happenings in the field of testing. A consistent learning schedule must be a part of every great software tester.
  • Demonstrate strong logical, analytical, and testing skills as well as the ability to work independently.

We offer careers not jobs.

The role calls for mature and level-headed individuals who are looking to build on their career.
Salary will be commensurate with expertise and experience and preference will be given to candidates with a proven track record in DevOps and Line of Business.

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