Atlas Fusion

The fast secure and reliable ebusiness portal

Atlas Fusion is an ebusiness portal that enables transaction processing and workflow to beĀ managed across corporate and/or geographic boundaries. Whether you are a buyer or a supplier, Fusion provides you with a view of any document, be it paper or electronically originated, simply by using an Internet browser. There are multiple Fusion components, all of which are applications in the cloud, including:

  • Ordering and Invoicing
  • Supplier Management
  • International sourcing

Rich in functionality, Fusion applications are typically implemented with the core solution supplemented by additional custom features enabling users to build the ideal system, seamlessly integrated with their back office and EDI environments.

Everything 100% better

Electronic trading that is 100% paperless, 100% EDI, 100% price-matched, 100% quantity-matched, 100% accurate and 100% visible

Aimed at organisations which want to improve or introduce efficiency with electronic trading – but still send or receive forests of paper, Atlas Fusion is the ideal tool to allow outbound documents to be 100% electronic, thereby slashing the costs of handling the daily inbound paper avalanche

Rich Functionality

Atlas Fusion is modular with a core product supplemented by a range of features to enable users to build the ideal bespoke system for their electronic trading requirements.


It can be integrated to your back office accounts or ERP systems and work seamlessly with your current EDI system or with your existing Atlas EDI system.

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