Practice Management

Practice Management

The EYESEL Business Suite Practice Management module is designed in a way to work independently or directly integrated to the Financials modules.  It covers all aspects of a modern dynamic practice that offers professional singular or mixed services controlled centrally from one module managing a Multi Company structure with different Practice Areas, Departments and Teams within.  The solution manages all Customer and Employee details from a shared central module doing away with duplication of data and the need to maintain same client and employee records across different companies.

Unlimited Tasks and Sub Tasks allow for job and project planning per client and accurate allocation of time by employees through a flexible and simple to maintain time sheet management solution that can be used remotely or directly from the office.  Verification and authorization of time with related adjustments can be done given the required authority and access rights.

“one central system managing all practice areas with total visibility of employee time sheets and client work in progress, enabling timely and accurate billing”

The same applies for subsequent preview of bills prior issuing of invoices.  Moreover the system will facilitate in pre-setting billing rates by client, employee or job.  A repeat billing function will speed up periodic and repetitive issuing of bills.  At the point of billing, any out of pocket expenses and disbursements posted previously from within the system against the client will be made available for review and re charging to the client.  Different Invoice layouts can be set for different practice areas directly integrating with the Financials modules.

The system also offers a client deadline management solution to cover both statutory and internal jobs to have a better picture of resource allocation in advance of time.  An array of reports accompany the module and enabling analysis of resources, time and clients.

Accurate and timely time sheet submission has helped us to drastically improve our invoicing time frames as well as to keep tabs on overall work in progress