Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation

The EYESEL Business Suite Sales Force Automation solution encompasses an array of tools required for a sales representative to be mobile and equipped with all client and product related details that ease and speed the sales process while helping in quick decision making at the point of negotiating, pre-selling as well as collecting money.

The system works online with the Financials,Inventory and Sales & Distribution modules but works in disconnected mode to ensure continued service when internet connectivity is not available.  It covers all aspects of sales including the capturing of Orders, Receipts and Returns through a modern, easy-to-operate, touch-controlled user interface that has been designed using the latest technology.

“client and product information at your fingertips enabling quick decision making and effectively increasing focus on the sales function”  

The main focus of the system is to increase the sales potential and minimise administrative and back office works with the use of automation such as client templates, pre-set price lists, discounts and frees, pre-se filtration and presentation templates.  It also includes full Client and Product Portfolio Management and can be animated with the use of custom catalogues and product images for presentations and better product visualisation.

Statistical information compliments the standard features thus enabling full visibility of client trends as well as turnover by year, month and week, down to product level.  The system can be used for both order-taking as well as direct invoice generation and printing for van and truck sales.

“Equipping our sales force with the mobile application has boosted performance and widened the outreach of our sales representatives while allowing them to build stronger client relationships and present our product portfolio more professionally”