Accounting the PaperLess way

PaperLess enables all sizes of organisations to manage all their documents so that everyone has access to the documents that they require quickly and securely.

Integrated with your accounting solution, PaperLess handles all accounting documents and journal types managing the whole routine from scanning or adding electronic documents; transfer to and lookup from your accounting solution and automatic invoice recognition with invoice approvals.

Non accounting documentation is securely managed in a separate archive, with complete user rights control so your data remains secure and PaperLess RemoteAccess means that all functionality is available via the Internet just running one small file with no software installation required.

PaperLess integrates with your existing accounting solution

With over 15 years of experience, PaperLess has earned a reputation as an industry leader in developing efficient and flexible software integrated with your accounting systems.

Take the tour of the PaperLess 9-feature cycle by starting with System Integration.

PaperLess manages all your paperwork from scanning and adding electronic documents to processing them in your accounting systems. We do this based on our document management model Capture-Process-Archive.

Capture-Process-Archive lies in the heart of PaperLess, surrounded by the PaperLess 9-feature cycle and embraced by our 3S core value: Simple, Smart, Secure.

PaperLess Software Features

  • Powerful search functions

– Multiple search filters to quickly locate your documents

  • Comprehensive user rights

– Protect your date and documentation by using comprehensive user rights

  • Fast implementation & integration

– Fast integration and simple implementation

  • Post & view all transactions

– Post transactions directly to your accounting application

  • Add all document types

– Easily add all digital files or scanned images to PaperLess

  • Non-accounting document archive

– Manage your non-accounting documents securely

  • Automatic invoice recognition

– PaperLess reduces manual data by extracting from your invoices

  • Efficient document approval

– PaperLess document flow speeds up your business processes

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