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What is e-Learning? e-Learning refers to learning utilising electronic technologies to access curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. In most cases, it refers to a course, program, book or video delivered completely online. In fact, e-Learning is also an alternative learning modality that compliments class room based teaching. All you need is an internet connection and a myriad of content is available on tap anywhere, anytime in the world from the comfort of your home, office or business lounge.

Furthermore, e-Learning is more cost-effective and efficient since it reduces the need to travel or to coordinate with a group of people. Moreover, research has shown that what you have learned today will mostly be forgotten in 30 days’ time. Therefore, another positive aspect of e-Learning is that is allows for the learner to revisit the content and reinforce what was learnt over a longer period of time.


Skillsoft is one of the global leaders in the e-Learning industry thanks to their outstanding quality in terms of cloud-based learning. Skillsoft offer over 4,000 courses covering anything from Business Skills, Management and Leadership, Digital and IT Skills to Compliance and Workplace Safety. Skillsoft is the one stop shop for receiving a great e-Learning experience.

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To view Skillsoft’s off-the-shelf online courses, visit the catalogue.

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Create and customise SCORM compliant content with Nimble’s Authoring Tool in minutes. Alternatively, you can also get a head start with the use of Nimble’s off-the-shelf courses and start learning and rolling out content in no time at all. Do you already have your own content? Digitise it with Nimble’s solution! Digitising content has never been simpler. Customise your Nimble courses in a flash thanks to Nimble’s super simple Authoring Tool and easily publish them onto our built-in LMS. Visualise content on-the-fly and without the need to save; publish and re-login to see the changes. Content and interactive quizzes can be created and accessed on any device, anytime, anywhere! You can also take full control by monitoring learners’ course activity via Nimble’s dashboards.

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To view Nimble’s off-the-shelf online courses, visit the catalogue.

Still not convinced? How about taking a look at Nimble’s case studies ?