Empower your Sales Force

SFA+ is an innovative solution that empowers your Sales Force. It gives power & peace of mind to administrators allowing them to control the flow of information to and from the application. It Is lightweight & easy to use, resulting in very low training costs as well as giving your sales team that competitive edge when trying to upsell or negotiate with a client. SFA+ solidifies company business continuity & streamlines the handover process. It gives your sales team the confidence needed out on the field, resulting in informed decisions, satisfied clients, as well as fulfilled & exceeded sales objectives.


SFA+ empowers sales-reps to take decisions with real-time information, thus enabling them to be productive by:

  • Allowing the user to view stock levels in and around the warehouse.
  • Ability to sell weighted products – either directly in Kilos or in ‘Units’.
  • Allowing real-time discounts / frees allocation when dealing with a client.
  • Giving exact Customs & Excise Tax Calculations as well as container charges.

All these processes in one simple, easy-to-use application that sends data directly to the ERP – seamlessly.


SFA+ simplifies the debt collection process by providing a seamless view of the customers account through:

  • Visualisation of outstanding transactions.
  • Provide the client with an up-to-date statement.
  • Ability to dispute transactions, giving the Accounting. Executives all relevant information on the selected case.

This is then seamlessly pushed into the ERP, further simplifying reconciliation processes as handled by Financial Controllers.


SFA+’s return & credit note generation methodology simplifies the process by allowing users to:

  • identify products that they should accept as returns.
  • Tag the correct invoiced price to the proper credit note allocation.
  • Monitor exactly how many returns are being sent by a particular client.
  • The ability to take & store photos to any selected return.

Product Catalogue

SFA+ will not only show you basic product information as well as images & stock levels – but it also gives you the added flexibility to generate client-tailored catalogues in PDF format on the fly. This allows the sales representative to service the client with the latest stock lists without having to wait for the printed material to arrive. This feature limits the need to print catalogues every time new products are added to the portfolio.

Client Details

SFA+ gives sales representatives all client relevant information – on demand. With this information at their fingertips, sales representatives out on the field can take informed decisions by having:

  • Basic client details.
  • Outstanding transactions (& issue a Statement).
  • Fixed Assets.
  • Geo-tagged information.
  • Payment History & so much more.

Document Manangement

Give your sales representatives the power to request documents without the need for back-office interaction. This feature makes the process more time-efficient by giving the sales representative the autonomy to address client needs proactively while allowing the option to process a payment.


Statistically driven decisions lie at the heart of SFA+. Statistical analysis at any level has been proven to increase sales as well as customer relations so give your sales team that competitive edge, with access to dashboards containing:

  • Previous Orders & Returns.
  • Product / Client information & Performance.
  • Suggested / Recommended products and so much more!

Truck Sales

SFA+ also empowers your trucks for ‘Direct Sales’, making manual processing a thing of the past. This revolutionary process facilitates and equips your truck sales force with the following:

  • Ability to create order printouts for the clients.
  • Accepting returns.
  • Management of Truck Stock.
  • Pre-selling (optional).
  • Payment Capture.

All in one easy-to-use application.

SFA+ Web Interface

End-to-End Governance

Access, Monitor & Visualise all information that is fed into the system – in real-time. Allows administrators to check up on the flow of Orders, Returns, Receipts & Replenishment Requests without the need for VPNs or complicated applications.


Authorise sales, accept new clients & monitor everything on the go. SFA+ Web allows for improved administrator productivity by simplifying back-office system interactions in real-time.

Backend Maintenance

Manage, Control & Maintain the flow of information in & out of SFA+ – Some of which are:

  • Processes & Visibility of Data.
  • Catalogue.
  • GeoTagging.
  • Route Management.


Our web notification service allows managers, team leaders & back end users to get important messages & notifications out in the field through SFA+.

Sales Representative Management

SFA+ Web gives full control to Administrators – empowering them to monitor anything to do with sales representative daily activities; some of these features include:

  • Creation of a new user in the system to the data available on their tablets.
  • Analysing of where orders were taken in conjunction with clients.
  • Real-time sales representative data.


Monitor, Manage, Re-Stock & Maintain your truck-sale fleet. SFA+ Web allows administrators to:

  • Re-stock trucks in a simple to use dashboard.
  • Create all the required stock movements in minutes – instead of hours.
  • Alleviate the pressure of back-office & warehouse staff & remove all the cumbersome ‘paper trail’ methodology’.

SFA+ ERP Integrator

Seamless Integration

SFA+’s ERP Integrator Service is responsible for consolidating all information sent from SFA+, directly into the ERP’s backend. This is done using a quick, easy, automated process that allows users to focus on other things while SFA+’s data is pushed seamlessly.

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