Our mission is to help people achieve their fullest potential through learning. We believe that you achieve true learning through the richness and depth of experiences that support you within your job.

Engaging and Relevant Content

Skillsoft has a learning philosophy to balance adult learning theory with the needs of today’s worker. Skillsoft’s multimodal, micro-learning approach is a perfect fit for the modern workforce. Whether you prefer videos, reading, listening or hands-on coding for practice, Skillsoft’s method is broad and flexible enough to engage all learners for content to stick with employees growth. Our micro-learning format is discoverable, consumable, and mobile.

Skillsoft Content Offering

At Skillsoft, we are all about learning outcomes. We know from brain science research that learners need three things for an optimal learning experience: relevance, meaning and emotion. We use a data-driven mix of content design approaches in our new courses to meet these needs. The intentional design approaches are learner-centric, providing memory hooks for the learner. Individuals can connect the learning to pre-existing schemas and patterns in their brains which we engage both sides of the brain by fostering a linkage between emotion and cognition. The message and the medium work synergistically. By leveraging the latest in brain science research, we ensure that learners “see” the learning experience through their own eyes.

Who are Skillsoft?

Skillsoft delivers online learning, training, and talent solutions to help organizations unleash their edge. Leveraging immersive, engaging content, Skillsoft enables organizations to unlock the potential in their best assets – their people – and build teams with the skills they need for success.

Empowering 45 million learners and counting, Skillsoft democratizes learning through an intelligent learning experience and a customized, learner-centric approach to skills development with resources for Leadership Development, Business Skills, Technology & Development, Digital Transformation, Productivity & Collaboration Tools, and Compliance eLearning.

Skillsoft Global Knowledge

Global Knowledge, a Skillsoft company since 2021, is the worldwide leader in IT and technology training, helping individuals and organisations build the skills they need to succeed in the ever-changing professional world.

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG)

Sustainability and ESG principles tie into the core values at Skillsoft. We encourage Team Members to work remotely, and our learning collections have been developed, produced, and delivered with minimal environmental impact to do JUST that. Skillsoft’s entire team has made a commitment to one purpose: to propel organizations and people to grow together through transformative learning experiences.

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