eLearning Course Development

Innovative Learning

Introducing an innovative eLearning Course Development tool to help transform traditional learning methods into dynamic, tech-driven experiences. In today’s fast-paced world, learning shouldn’t lag behind.

About This Service

Whether you need a new course building or would like a little help tidying up your own, we are always happy to lend a hand. Our partners expertise and tools allows you to build your own courses using their Authoring Tools, or Customize an existing course using Logos, pages and more.

eLearning Development Software

Elevate your brand’s learning strategy and engage your employees through learning! ISL provides the tools to help achieve tangible results by creating, importing from Powerpoint or filming your video content courses!

Provided by Easygenerator

Easy Course Creation

Sometimes, authors might have a clear vision of what they want to create, but may not be sure how to go about it.
That’s where Easygenerators Course Builder comes in, providing a step-by-step guidance throughout your course creation process.

Maximize Learner Engagement

Easygenerators built-in video recorder and editor allows authors to be able to add subtitles as a file in their created video in one place, offering more inclusive, comprehensible and adaptable experiences to various learner needs and preferences.

Tracking and Tracing

Easygenerator offers the opportunity to track and trace the learners performance. These analytics give the author information about the quality of their questions if they perhaps are too easy, or too hard? This feedback loop is extremely important to keep improving your course content. The tracking & tracing feature also allows you to publish courses outside your LMS, in case you want to send courses to contractors, partners, or clients, for instance.

Automated Translations

With 75 languages available, translating and customizing your learning content will be easier
than ever. Easygenerators auto-translation feature will enable anyone in your organization to
translate entire courses in just one click. Then, add regional experts as co-authors to ensure
all content is also localized for best results.