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ISL is excited to officially announce our Co-Delivery partnership with Keyloop, a leader in innovative Automotive Solutions.

ISL is announcing its co-delivery partnership with Keyloop, a collaborative initiative aimed at accelerating the global implementation of Keyloop’s automotive solutions.

As a certified partner, ISL operates as an extension of Keyloop’s consultancy and support teams, delivering exceptional experiences to users.

This partnership solidifies both Keyloop and ISL’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, allowing ISL to drive innovation and elevate the automotive industry alongside Keyloop.

Joe Aquilina, Director of ISL shared his opinion about the partnership. “ISL have been distributors for Keyloop for the past 27 years. We are proud to be appointed co-delivery partners by Keyloop. We look forward to working with Keyloop’s consultancy and support teams“.

Ali Samet, Global Head of Co-Delivery for Keyloop, stated “Mr. Aquilina and the team at ISL have the expertise and the experience we need to help roll out our powerful apps and products to the automotive industry across Europe.

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