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AI Conversation Simulator

ISL are happy to announce Skillsoft’s latest product, CAISY, a Conversation AI Simulator designed to train employees conversational skills. CAISY challenges users in work conversations by offering employees a safe and virtual platform. Users are trained to handle different and various scenarios with an AI-powered trainer. CAISY acts as the conversation partner, delivering personalized feedback and guidance on the performance of the conversation.

How CAISY Works

Choose your own scenario:

Scenario-based practice is an effective training technique which helps to mirror real-life situations. CAISY makes the communication more natural, and challenges the user into different situations for different scenarios. Whether a customer representative is practicing to manage difficult interactions without the risk of losing clients, or a product leader wants to role-play a product launch decision with a stakeholder, our tool is the ideal resource.

Choose a conversation scenario.


Start the conversation by typing your remarks.


The AI tool will automatically generate custom responses.


Continue the conversation until it ends. Review the personalised feedback.

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