☀️ Sharing Positivity ; One Donation at a Time!

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Let’s be honest… it seems to be that we’re constantly bombarded with daily negative insights. Be it from socio-economic disparities, local and international incidents, or more environmental crises! We can’t seem to catch a break from all this negativity. Through social media, gossiping or just negative spaces, it can be really hard to have a moment of positivity nowadays. The funny thing is, we need positivity! Otherwise, our mental health can really take a toll without it!

It’s a matter of Perspective.

We must realize that a lot of situations that are happening, are simply just out of our control. Instead of letting these stories affect us, we must continue to remind ourselves about the stories we can and can’t control.

We aim to encourage, or maybe even inspire others to follow a positive mindset. Slowly, we can create a ripple effect where acts of kindness can start to grow more and more each day! Smile to a stranger, hold a door for someone, or send a donation! Any kind gesture could really make a difference and go a long way.

Spread Positivity.

ISL strongly advocates being the best version of yourself and sharing positivity with everyone. Every year, we share a number of donations around Malta. This year ISL has given a number of donations to various non-governmental organizations (NGOs). They work tirelessly amidst the chaos and crises that go on every day.

Donation 1: Daniel Mallia, handing over our donation to the Association for Abandoned Animals.

Donation 2: Jessica Muscat and the President (Joeanna Xerri) for the Down Syndrome Association in Malta.

Why bother sharing?

We want to use our platform not only to share positivity with others but also to highlight a number of NGOs in the hope of inspiring others to either donate or raise awareness for their own cause!

Your support isn’t just about financial aid; it’s a testament to the power of collective empathy and the belief that every act of kindness matters. Whether it’s providing essentials to communities affected by natural disasters or supporting your local initiatives. Their efforts serve as a reminder that amid the chaos and crises, there are countless unsung heroes working tirelessly to uplift and rebuild, so the least we can do is lend a helping hand!

Feel inspired yet? Here are some of our recommended NGOs for you to check out and contribute in your own way:

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