We are happy to announce that 10 NGO’s will be receiving assistance via the company’s Good-Causes-Fund.

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2021 was not an easy one for NGO’s in particular. Several well known NGO’s reported a drop in donations.

In line with a long-standing tradition, every month Staff voluntarily contribute to the Good Causes Fund. At the end of every DECEMBER, nominations are received and a popular vote is conducted. Besides the sum collected by the staff of ISL and QI, the company and partners then pitch in to round up the amount collected. This year we are thrilled to announce that in 2022 we will be assisting 10 NGO’s. These are:

  1. Animal Protectors
  2. Dar Bjorn 
  3. Hospice Movement
  4. Dr Klown
  5. RMJ Horses
  6. Fondazjoni Suriet Bniedem
  7. Love For Strays
  8. Noahs Ark
  9. Soup Kitchen
  10. Foodbank

The respective NGO’s will be contacted in the coming weeks. All donations made are listed on our website.

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