Vehicle distributors, importers and exporters operate in an ever-changing and challenging market and more than ever rely on their IT partners to help drive efficiencies and increase profits throughout their business. For over 30 years, CDK has provided functionally—rich and flexible solutions specifically developed for this business sector.

CDK has a proven track record of working with manufacturers and distributors in over 25 countries, representing most of the world’s volume and specialist brands. The CDK Importer Management System (IMS) is fully scalable, to meet the demands of manufacturers and their subsidiaries, large and small private distributors and enterprise groups. IMS supports businesses as diverse as passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, marine and components.

CDK has the proven experience of delivering “Best in Class” across the importer / exporter sector at a global level and using innovative and technical expertise.

The leading business solution for the retail automotive industry


Drive results in every area of your business with Autoline


CDK is the leading provider of technology and business solutions for the retail automotive industry.

Our market-leading Dealer Management System (DMS), Autoline, has more manufacturer interfaces than any other DMS, putting our clients ahead of the competition.


Fully integrated software solution


Achieving your business objectives is easier with a DMS from CDK . The Autoline DMS gives you the tools you need to help increase profits, drive revenue, boost productivity, reduce expenses and increase customer satisfaction in every area of your business – all from a single system.


Fully scalable solution


Autoline is a flexible, scalable solution that can support the day-to-day management of an entire dealership, from small single site operations to multi-site, multi-franchise organisations and everything in between.


Global company with a local touch


We understand the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis. CDK is a global DMS partner with extensive retail automotive experience, coupled with the local knowledge and experience needed to help support your business.


Caters for all areas of your business


CDK ensures that the key requirements of each department within your dealership are met using Autoline. Autoline can make a difference across your entire organisation.


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