Manufacturer Integration

Manufacturer Integration

Continuing to build on long-standing manufacturer relationships

CDK understands the importance of working closely with vehicle manufacturers in order for dealerships to have immediate access to current manufacturer interfaces from within their DMS. This is crucial in helping to increase operational efficiencies and productivity across the entire dealership. It is also why CDK integrates with more than 60 vehicle manufacturers and provides more than 250 manufacturer interfaces. As a result, our DMS solutions are officially endorsed by more manufacturers than any other DMS.

      • Strong relationships with major manufacturers
      • Continual investment in the development of new interfaces
      • Direct integration with manufacturer systems
      • Continual compliancy support of franchise standards

Seamless integration between manufacturer
and DMS

Both Autoline and the Autoline Drive DMS are automatically populated with vehicle manufacturer data, without user interaction, while DMS data is in turn exported from the DMS to the manufacturer’s systems in the correct format. CDK is committed to developing stronger manufacturer links than any other DMS provider.



Constant focus on meeting market requirements

The Manufacturer Relations department is a central point of contact for all manufacturers and importers. They are instrumental in maintaining strong vehicle manufacturer relationships at a local and global level to ensure that from a strategic position our DMS solutions are continually developed to meet the dealership, manufacturers’ and the market’s requirements now and in the future.

Serving all manufacturers
with franchise specific integration

CDK continually identifies and develops new franchise specific software and installs and implements new products. Where our DMS solutions are endorsed by a manufacturer, ADP will invest the resources required to deliver the specified integration.


Comprehensive manufacturer interfaces within your DMS

The main areas of integration focus around vehicle configuration and include billing, parts, service and accounts. These can include such interfaces as franchise data, vehicle consignment feed, parts price files, parts supersession history, warranty and CSI extracts.

Overview of Manufacturer Integration

CDK integrates to more than 60 vehicle manufacturers, including: