Data Analytics

Data Analytics

The EYESEL Business Suite Advanced Analysis Services solution offers real time up to date and accurate statistical information on Inventory, Sales and Purchasing at individual or group company level.  With the use of data warehouses and analysis cubes the users are presented with a flexible and user friendly business intelligence interface that enables the creation of multiple analysis views including charts and graphs for better high level graphical representation.  The solution allows authorized users to create and manipulate their own reports and visuals to enable analysis from all angles and departments of the company with no barriers to size of data or comparative years.

“up to date and accurate statistical information give an edge to companies when analysing their data and taking business decisions”

Aggregated data ensures fast and instant response at all times making it easy to be more curious and dig deeper into trends and comparatives across years, companies, warehouses, locations and outlets, making full use of the extensive analysis fields available from within the Financials, Inventory and Sales & Distribution modules.

Yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily analysis can be applied at all levels using all system data elements including focus by product, customer, supplier, sales representative and warehouse, each with a multitude of advanced analysis groupings such as brand, category, type, area and locality.  Analysis in quantity or value for profitability is standard with the added functionality to hide cost elements or filter data when and if required also depending on the users.  This module brings the whole of EYESEL Business Suite together and serves as a focal point to drive management and growth based on inputs from all areas of the system and helps the decision making process while monitoring the viability of sales profitability.

“The EYESEL Business Suite Advanced Analysis Services have given our reporting a different dimension and we can today have an instant exact snap shot of the company’s performance at any point in time across our wholesale and retail companies.”