Inventory Management

Inventory Management

The main areas that ensure total control as well as clear visibility of a company’s inventories are Inventory Management, Control, Stock Reordering and Stock Taking. EYESEL Business Suite’s Inventory Control module features detailed Product Management, unlimited user definable Inventory Movements as well as a Simple Purchasing feature to manage procurement of stocks without the need to go through a full Purchase Order Processing cycle.  Extended product related analysis makes the module very rich in detail and makes way for more advanced analysis of data across other modules such as Sales & Distribution.

The Purchase Order Processing module within EYESEL Business Suite covers preliminary Provisional Order processing supported by various reordering criteria and related detail, pre-set templates as well as volumetric analysis of container loading and estimate costing of consignments.  On confirmation into a Purchase Order, full tracking is available including Estimated Time of Arrival and Warehouse Storage Requirements management.

full control, clear visibility and just in time reordering

An advanced Consignment Management feature allows for the processing of individual or group Purchase Orders and combines full Costing, Goods Received Handling as well as Quality Control features.  Amongst features this module also enables for the processing of short and over shipments, user definable additional and other charges and volume, value or weight apportionment of costs.

Stock Control allows for full or cycle counting and can be processed by warehouse or by a selection of product related criteria.  The use of data capture hand held devices ensures timely updating and faster processing.

Eyesel handles both the wholesale as well as retail operations of our company enabling the inventory management of stocks across all our branches and warehouses…

The Inventory modules within Eyesel Business Suite are a focal point linking procurement and sales while facilitating the monitoring of stock holding and bringing closer the different departments within the company. The use of hand held PDAs and Tablet PCs at various stages of data collection and input, reduces manual intervention and double handling while ensuring accuracy of data being captured at source.

Multi Warehouse and full Batch/Expiry Date traceability are at the core of the inventory management modules. Warehouse management is facilitated with the widespread use of barcodes.