The payroll capability, Eyepay allows your finance and administration teams to record, update and work with the payroll information of your company. Our secure module to the EYESEL Business Suite will provide the required platform to manage your employees efficiently and effectively.

Unlimited Employee Creation


Inputting new employees or changing an existing employee’s details is easily done. Visual indicators help users to instantly locate fields and lookup buttons for dates help make data entry easier and quicker. Employee creation is unlimited and has advanced sorting facilities to allow your users to easily find and manage employees.



Eyepay has a rigourous security system administration application which allows the system controller to provide the required level of security and accessibility. The controller is able to create multiple users, user groups, and give specific permissions that users/groups will have throughout.

He also has the ability to specify actual the days and times that a user can access the system. All users are required to log into to access the system, thus putting an extra barrier to keep sensitive data safe.



User can issue a Preview Payroll Report in which a listing of all employees and their basic details can be printed to view totals by Department and grand totals for the payroll. Note that reports can be

Continuous Data


Data is kept in a single database. Thus, there is no need for copying data from one year to another or to open a separate application to access data from previous years. By changing the Year, an Employee’s cumulative payroll details can be viewed from previous years.

Remuneration Profiles


Remuneration Profiles define an employee’s regular work week and their pay details. User can input an Hourly Rate and Eyepay will automatically calculate their Minute Rate, Weekly Wage, Monthly Wage and Annual Estimated. User can also insert the employee’s Weekly Wage or Monthly Wage and Eyepay will calculate the other figures.

Maintaining Basics


Once the generation is complete, the user can view all calculations made by the system and manipulate the payroll as necessary. Users can view what allowances an employee was entitled to and make changes or even create new adjustments at run-time. Adjustments can be setup to be Pre or Post Tax on:

  • Hourly Rate
  • Fixed Amount
  • Percentage of Basic/hour


Eyepay is a multi-company application which also caters for different wage systems between each company. Eyepay caters for Weekly, Fortnightly, Four-Weekly and Monthly payrolls.