Project Management

Project Management & Costings

Project Management Module offers a project life-cycle costing solution focused on managing your information and integrating it with your financial, HR, and asset management data. This gives project managers the ability to keep track of project costings throughout any stage of a project.

By keeping record of your project costings, real-time reports can be produced that will help in the identification of deviations from the plan and in proactively acting upon them. This system allows for easier and automated costings capabilities that smoothen the project’s risk management.

Handle Any Project

Our modular project management and costing solution has been successfully employed on projects of any size. This solution will fit your requirements whether you are looking to handle small business jobs or large construction projects.

Integration with Financials

Being integrated with the financials module, the project costings can be immediately entered into the company’s books, simplifying and streamlining the book keeping process. This makes financial information easier to track and control whilst having the ability to provide real time information about the project’s finances and its effect on the company.

Ability to Handle After Sales and Maintenance

Many projects do not end upon completion but often require after-sales, maintenance or recurrent work as a follow-up to the project. The solution facilitates and automates the process of handling after-project work, allowing for the company managing the project to continuously meet the requirements of the client.

Manage Resources

The project also allows the allocation of personnel, suppliers, contractors and other resources to be involved in the project. With the ability to integrate with Payroll, Sales & Distribution and other modules, it will allow automation and simplification of a project’s resource management.

Integration with Inventory

When using items from a company’s inventory, records need to be accurate on a timely manner. By integrating with the inventory systems the company will have real-time access to inventory information allowing to record, check availability and ensure adequate stock levels.