Tech & Development

“Sustainable competitive advantages should be less focused on “what the tech 
can do” and more centered on “what the tech enables your people to do.” – Wisdom.

About This Collection:

Build the skills you need for your tech and dev teams, retain your best technologists, deliver projects faster, and learn to increase your team’s influence with leadership and chief executives. 

Leverage future-ready skills across Security, DevOps, Programming, Cloud, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Agile, Scrum, and more.  

Tech & Dev Training Propel growth with highly applicable skills training for in demand areas of tech.

Codecademy for Enterprise Level up your dev. team with immersive training from Codecademy, a Skillsoft company.

Cybersecurity Increase awareness, develop expertise, and reduce risk with the personalized training.

Cloud Computing Advance competency and accelerate your digital transformation with Cloud Career Journey.

Tech & Development Collection:

Provide clear paths to mastery for new skills, roles, and certifications. Built-in opportunities for practice provide practical, hands-on training through labs and live bootcamps, allowing your team to deliver high-quality projects faster. Put high performers on the road to leadership with market-leading business
and leadership training with Skillsoft’s comprehensive Technology and Developer Advance Solutions 

While the rest of the competition tries to hire their way out of the problem, tech leaders can capitalize on upskilling for competitive advantage.  

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